Dupont St Gates


These huge gates (about 20′ high) have been standing outside of Dupont subway station since 197. Ron Baird’s Miscellaneous Hardware separate street-level passersby from the high-voltage TTC transformers at the northwest corner of the intersection. “ BlogTo



Toronto Tube Hotel


Weary workers in need of a quick nap can — if only for a brief time — check in for a 20-minute midday snooze at a new pop-up hotel in Toronto’s downtown core. The hotel is part of a marketing ploy for Breathe Right, the nasal strips designed to ease congestion and aid sleep.


Subway Cell Service in Toronto

If you’re one of the millions of people in Toronto who ride the subway everyday you’ve probably been itching for a cell signal. TTC officials estimate that cell service will be available in most stations in about two years. Checkout the map below to see where you can currently catch a cell signal during your commute.