Fight Club Soap


You can now purchase your very own Fight Club Soap from Omni. Luckily this soap contains caffine instead of liposuctioned fat like in the novel. If your not into capatalism like Tyler Durden watch the video below to make your own.


Cocoon Slim Backpack

Cocoon Slim Backpack

I always feel like I don’t have enough pockets and compartments to store all my stuff, but that’s a non-issue with Cocoon’s Slim Backpack. The bag sports a GRID-IT! organization system, composed of a series of rubberized interwoven elastic bands, that adapts to hold just about anything you throw at it, big or small. The Slim also features a faux suede lined 15″ laptop compartment, iPad slot, exterior map compartment, and waterproof zippers between its water-resistant ballistic nylon build.

Grab one at Cocoon or at the Apple Store – $80

Vandalijst Picture Frame

Psychologists have studied vandalism for years and found that boredom, peer pressure and revenge are often the cause. But it’s often overlooked that it’s also kinda fun! This picture frame concept, Vadalijst, allows you to insert your favorite photos and vandalize them by doodling silly things with a whiteboard marker. Mustaches, monocles, capes and more… the options are endless!