Screaming Skull Galactic Cluster

This might look like a screaming skull but it’s actually an x-ray image from the orbiting Chandra Observatory of the Perseus Cluster



Toronto Tube Hotel


Weary workers in need of a quick nap can — if only for a brief time — check in for a 20-minute midday snooze at a new pop-up hotel in Toronto’s downtown core. The hotel is part of a marketing ploy for Breathe Right, the nasal strips designed to ease congestion and aid sleep.


Apple Directing Drivers onto Airport Runway


Drivers who use Apple’s Maps app for directions to the Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska are being instructed to drive onto an airport taxiway, reports AlaskaDispatch. The taxiway is located directly across from the runway, which is used by aircraft on a regular basis. Though the instructions do not direct drivers to the runway, people have driven there by mistake.

According to the airport’s chief of operations, Melissa Osborn, out-of-town drivers have driven onto airport property twice in the past week, crossing the runway and driving directly to the airport ramp side of the passenger terminal. “These folks drove past several signs. They even drove past a gate. None of that cued them that they did something inappropriate,” according to Osborn.


Travelling Sun


Norwegian artists Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad decided to work on a collaborative project to bring the sun to the places and the people that saw so little of it. The Traveling Sun is a large, circular light full of LEDs that slowly changes colour, melting into deep reds and lilacs. The light is exceptionally bright, and when firmly erected on to a pick up truck it can actually pass as the sun itself.



Everything You Thought You Knew About Creativity Is Wrong


Everything You Thought You Knew About Creativity Is Wrong

We tend to think that creativity is innate — you’ve either got it or you don’t. Our “creative type” friends are artsy, full of wonder and always wanting to dig into something deeper. The rest? They’re investment bankers.

Contrary to popular belief, no one is born without a creative bone in his or her body, and not all creative types are starving artists. In other words, we’ve all got it, but our personalities play a role in the kind of creative we are, and how we best feed into it.

Subway Cell Service in Toronto

If you’re one of the millions of people in Toronto who ride the subway everyday you’ve probably been itching for a cell signal. TTC officials estimate that cell service will be available in most stations in about two years. Checkout the map below to see where you can currently catch a cell signal during your commute.