Dupont St Gates


These huge gates (about 20′ high) have been standing outside of Dupont subway station since 197. Ron Baird’s Miscellaneous Hardware separate street-level passersby from the high-voltage TTC transformers at the northwest corner of the intersection. “ BlogTo



World’s First Inflatable Concert Hall


Sculptor Anish Kapoor and architect Arata Isozaki have teamed up to design and build the world’s first large-scale inflatable concert hall in Tohoku, Japan. The mobile structure, called Ark Nova, was designed not only as a venue for concerts and events, but also to spread hope throughout the northeastern part of Honshu, which has been ravaged by earthquakes and tsunamis. The concert hall opens to the public on October 14th.


Travelling Sun


Norwegian artists Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad decided to work on a collaborative project to bring the sun to the places and the people that saw so little of it. The Traveling Sun is a large, circular light full of LEDs that slowly changes colour, melting into deep reds and lilacs. The light is exceptionally bright, and when firmly erected on to a pick up truck it can actually pass as the sun itself.